Vision Board Workshop

Inspirational Vision Board Workshop


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Workshop fee $35 

This was my first Vision Board. I used the  foundation worksheets and then began my board. I  went through tons of magazines;found many words and photos that made me think, that inspired me, that I thought fit me well. As I was putting them together, I realized words I had chosen randomly and over the course of an hour or so, started to fit into sentences. It was very inspiring and made me see how somehow it all fit together. I was creating exactly who I was and what I wanted! What I think shocked me more is the things that I did NOT include. It may surprise you too when you make your own!

Note from Monique your Vision Board Coach:

After learning how to be a coach for Vision Boards from two amazing teachers, I aspire to coach you through these workshop in a gentle and casual, comfortable and understanding manner.

Vision Boards can be very  cathartic to some. 

In everything I teach andhave taught, in the end, my only hope is you discover and feel truly positive about your experience and your life.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a collage of pictures & words you chose as visual representation of whatever you  want to do  or have in your life.  It also is a reminder of the things in your life that make you happy and inspire you. It is a working tool that helps focus those goals in a way you actually "see". 

Why make a vision board and not just "visualize" it?

In doing a vision board you use your mind, your emotions and your hands in creating your own personal journey. Working with your hands,  it clears all limits in your brain and opens up parts of your innate ability to manifest what you want, without all the hoopla and over thinking. It is also a LOT of fun!

Why attend a workshop and not just "do it yourself"?

My question is... would you? Some, maybe. We all hope to do these things for ourselves and then the time gets away from us. Attending an Inspirational Vision Board Workshop, surrounds you with the energy of others who are seeking the same goal. That is to set a clear path before themselves and discover things that may surprise you. This also give you a clear space to DO the work involved. No excuses, no judgments. A space just for YOU, time just for YOU. 

What happens at an Inspirational Vision Board Workshop?

Workshops are approx3 hours in length, but they are more than just cut and paste parties! We start the workshop with some simple focus sheets, which contain questions to help you gain clarity on what your dreams and goals are. They also help you to see what is truly important and special in your life right now. What makes you happy. What inspires you to be the best you. This could be the dream of new job or car. Maybe you want lots of money. Maybe you want a family. Maybe you enjoy bringing happiness to others.These sheets are yours alone,  no one has to see them but you if you that is what you choose!

Then we move on to the fun part, searching through magazines and cutting out words and pictures which suit your vision. I supply all the tools needed: the poster board, scissors, glue, markers,tape, other fun bits and the magazines. (If you have some you wish to use feel free to bring them along).

Once you have your Vision Board finished, you take it home with you and put it up somewhere you will see it every day. These are YOUR words and YOUR guide for YOU made BY you.

You are inspiring you!

That's it! 

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