Aromatherapy Consultations

The Aromatherapy market today is bombarded with confusing information about Essential Oils and Essential Oil Blends.
 Essential Oils should not be taken lightly nor randomly as pure Essential Oils are more than pretty fragrances. They have the ability to heal, but also some have the ability to harm is used improperly. Most multi-level marketing sellers out there are either not selling quality products or not taking in to consideration that everyone is unique with different make up and reactions and ailments.

Purity and therapeutic quality of Essential Oils are important, but so it the blending of oils. So most times a general pre-made blend will NOT suit everyone nor help them. Customers and clients are not always informed when purchasing these products exactly what is in these blends, what contraindications there might be, the percentage of the blends or what they can and can not be used for. 

Sometimes blends contain what may work good for you combined with things you should not be using. It can be a real challenge to find exactly what will work with all these options. it is possible that has discouraged more than one person from seeing the benefits of Essential Oils.

So to help clients navigate their many options, Monique offers Aromatherapy Consultations to help clients with all the choices out there today in Essential Oils. 

In your consultation she will  give you a brief intro into how your Olfactory System works with essential oils, discuss what you wish to use essential oils for, discuss any ailments you or your family may have, pets, living conditions etc. Then she will give you some ideas on what might work, blending techniques and what you should avoid. 

Aromatherapy Consultations: $30 - 30 minutes

Please contact Monique for an appointment.

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