Aromatherapy Workshop

Intro into Aromatherapy. 

                                                    In this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of Aromatherapy:

  • ·       How the Olfactory System works
  • ·       Extraction techniques of essential oils
  • ·       Properties of Essential Oils used in Workshop
  • ·       Blending techniques and dosages overview
  • ·       Contraindications and safety for using Essential Oils
  • ·       Carrier oils & Different usages

Then you will custom blend your own “Aromatherapy Gell Jar”from one of three recipes, following proper blending techniques. 

Workshop includes: 

Aromatherapy Manual and workbook written by Monique Coté

& all materials needed including Essential Oils. 

Workshop fee: $57 

Date: To Be Decided

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