Whether it was singing to the trees, dancing in the rain or talking to animals as a child, Monique always found beauty in the natural world around her. She was born with intuitive and empathetic qualities which when are combined with her compassionate nature, are the heart & soul of who she is. 

  Monique is a natural teacher and has taught many different things in her lifetime; ceramic painting techniques in her parent's ceramic shop, canvas art, belly dance, floral design, aromatherapy and healing workshops to name a few. She takes pride in being able to help others grow, bloom and learn, both about what she is teaching and more importantly about themselves.

 Throughout the years she discovered, studied and has become certified in a variety of holistic modalities. She continues to study and bring everything she learns into each therapy session to help her clients heal, feel balanced and whole.

Monique is married to her wonderful husband Richard and lives in Winnipeg, MB Canada. She has an adult son on the Autistic Spectrum, & 2 adult "bonus" children and their spouses. 
She has also been in the floral industry for over 30 years and has a passion for wedding floral design. She loves dancing (especially belly dance which she taught and performed for many years), painting, making jewelry, photography, nature walks, her 4 cats, home decorating and really anything that awakens the caring, creative spirit within her.

Monique L Coté

          Reiki Master Teacher:                  Usui, Karuna- Ki & Sacred Flame, 2002-2005

Certified Aromatherapist, 2003

BodyTalk System, 2009

Active Memory Synthesis, 2009

Meridian Tapping (EFT), 2010

Healing Touch, 2012

Vision Board Coach 2017

Holistic Herbal Therapist Diploma (Currently studying)

Menopause Support Practitioner (Currently studying)

Member of International Healers Association since 2003

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